$3,000 Nike Air Max 97 MSCHF x INRI Jesus Sneakers

$3,000 Nike Air Max 97 MSCHF x INRI Jesus Sneakers

Air Max 97 Jesus edition sneakers with holy water, The holy grail of sneakers

The sneaker game is a crazy one and it's all about making noise, what better way to do just that than making a Jesus edition 97 with Holy water!


You could say that this is an insult to the great man or you could say that it's a way for modern culture to endorse him but either way, the guys behind the shoe at Brooklyn based brand MSCHF haven't held back in any way.

The Air Max 97s come fully kitted with with 60ccs of holy water in the air bubble (so you can play Jesus and walk on water), along with a crucifix pendant (don't think we haven't thought about this before) and red insoles that are a part of Vatican tradition, there is also an inscription on the front of the shoe, Matthew 14:25. The final flavour on the entree is the insole is frankincense fragranced to give it that final touch as a gift from the 3 kings.

Sold out but originally priced at $1,425 , the 97s Jesus are now reaching between $2k and $3k.

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images from www.stockx.com

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