Types of Chains and Necklaces

Types of Necklace

So you've decided you want to buy a new chain but are not quite sure of the style to go after. Whether you want a long chain with a pendant to pair up with it or In Gold, Silver or Black, here's a few things to consider along with some info on design details to help you make the decision.

Franco Link chain

Our signature chain that we ship as standard with our pendants is the Franco chain. Basically a 4 sided Cuban Link chain it was designed by Italian designer Franco it was produced as a alternative to the Cuban link after his frustration with the the cuban often becoming tangled. It's sometimes referred to as a snake chain due to the way it's fixed but we offer a rounded version which has only one name that is an actual snake chain so don't get it twisted, not that you can (excuse the pun). 

Types of chain franco necklace

Rope Chain

If you want a standout piece then the Rope chain is probably for you. Made popular by iconic hip hop artists RUN DMC and donned by numerous other hip hop legends with out a pendant the rope chain on it's own is a best seller. It's a stand out piece that can draw it's own attention thanks to the rope inspired twists that reflect light at all angles .

Box Chain

A strong and sturdy design, the box chain is an ideal piece for someone who wants a toned down option that isn't as common place as the Franco. Though shiny and gold, the Box chain with it's straight lines and flat edges and can be paired with plainer clothing items for a minimalistic look.

Snake Chain

As you will see the snake chain gets it's name again from the finish of it's design. Another relatively tangle free necklace type the snake chain it's a super clean finish look 


Cuban Link

The Cuban Link necklace is probably the most iconic best selling chain design. The Miami Cuban is a solid often chunky necklace type that has been around for a long time and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. It's probably the most heavy weight design and is a timeless classic and makes the biggest statement as it often carries the most gold per inch due to it's chunky size links.


Flat Curb Chain

Very Similar to the Cuban link is the flat curb link although it's links are slightly less tight and it's normally lighter in weight due to the flatness of the links. 





Where do you want your chain to hang? With our brands roots firmly dug into streetwear we don't just offer long length chains, we offer them in the most popular unisex lengths which are 22" 24" and our classic 28".

If you're fully swagged out then you'll no doubt be after the 28" but to find your ideal length use our necklace length guide