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The Top 5 Mens Pendant Designs by Midvs Co

Top 5 Mens Pedant Designs

Summer is just around the corner and no doubt you fashion don's are out there looking for fresh pieces to keep you shining.

Wether you're hitting up festivals, holidaying it up in some party location like Ibiza or Napa, or you're just going in at some event you're gonna want something to maximise drawing' gal' potential. We all know girls like shiny things that catch the eye so here's our Top 10 most popular list of mens pendants to keep you looking fresh.

No 5.

The Knox pendant.

The Knox pendant is simple piece design on a gold bullion and takes it's name from Fort Knox which is the US Army post that houses a large portion of the US Gold reserves. 

The straight lines, mirror finish of the Knox pendant was always gonna be an instant classic given it's wealth driven concept. 


No 4.

The Razor

With the barbering trend on the rise our razor pendant is spring in popularity but If you're a barber or not we can all agree the there's something inherently cool about cut throat razors.

Whether it's something to do with the infamous ear scene in Reservoir Dogs or just kind of symbol for a 'real man' in the oldskool sense of the word mastering one of these bad boys for shaving is always gonna be rated (once you've no longer got pieces of tissue stuck to your face).


No 3.

The Sneak Head

Sneaker heads hoooooo! As a nod to heads the world over we produced this Sneaker pendant modelled on the Nike Air Max. The ultimate collectors piece and one of our first releases the Sneak Head pendant still proves to be a winner.


No 2.

In at number 2 is the Angel pendant. This beautifully crafted piece is perhaps our most intircate to date and definitely a staff pick!

Everything about the 3cm micro pendant is on point, right down to the engraved Midvs Co between the wings. If ever there was a symbol for love and protection that can be for anyone regardless of anything, this is it!


No 1.

The Uzi pendant

So as you can imagine, our most popular piece is and perhaps may always be the Uzi pendant. The Uzi is the epitome of cool as far as streetwear symbology goes. From Armies to Rap culture this sub machine gun is originally invented in the 1940's will no doubt hold it's position until someone invents laser guns. 

Midvs co (pronounced Midas Co) is the UK's number 1 street inspired premium jewellery brand.