The Legend of King Midas and the golden touch | Midvs Co

King Midas is a character of Greek Mythology, a King who's desire for material goods and love for gold led him to ask for a wish. Gold jewellery and a golden thrown was not enough.

When offered by magic to be granted a wish, King Midas wished that everything he touched turned to gold and it is said that his wish came true. 

This iconic story that has led to the name Midas being synonymous with gold has inspired and number of name Midas drops throughout pop culture in everything from film to music and now jewellery.

The James Bond Movie Goldfinger references Midas in the theme tune "Goldfinger, he's the man, the man with the Midas touch"

Other references to the legend of Midas includes rap from Jay Z and 50 cent among a whole host of other artists and genres.

fast forward to 2016 and the creation of MIDVS Co, a brand which was first conceptualised in 2014 and we put a twist on the spelling by replacing the A with a V for a trademarked logo for aesthetics.