PVD Gold vs Gold Plating


There are numerous types of PVD and plating processes, some are better than others. PVD aka physical vapor deposition is a process than can be used for numerous materials but is often used as a way to apply one metal (in our case 18k Gold unless stated) with another metal to bond them together.

To ensure a high quality bond, a high quality lab with the right equipment is required, this ensures the metals well coated and will get the most durability out of your item.


Plating does what it says on the tin (excuse the pun) where as PVD is a coating. Gold-plated metal is usually steel with real gold plated over on top. A layer of gold, measured in microns (the thickness varies of course) is plated to metal to offer the look of gold at a lower cost.

PVD is the same type of thing but rather than being simply dipped in gold it is applied using an electric machine and is best described as vacuumed sealed on.

For longevity, given it's greater molecular bond PVD is the way to go as gold plating can be easily thought of as a layer of solid gold applied paint.

Aesthetically gold plating will look better than a cheap PVD process but we use the highest quality PVD process available so you get the look as well as durability.


PVD gold coating vs PVD gold colour

A real gold PVD coating uses actual gold (9kt, 14kt, 18kt or 24kt) where as PVD gold colour is simply a yellow gold colouring.

Most gold colour you'll see on sunglasses, watches and jewellery use yellow gold colour, items will state the gold value in carats (k or kt) if using genuine gold.

Other colour coatings are available also with black colour coating being a very common one to see.

Midvs Co Gold items reference


As a point of reference, we generally use 18kt Gold PVD on our jewellery, as previously stated we use the highest quality that gives our products a solid gold finish with great durability.

Solid Jewellery

Where stated we use solid gold in either 9, 14, 18 or 24 carat Gold.


Vermeil items are Gold PVD on top of sterling silver


Our sunglasses are normally gold colour PVD unless otherwise stated

We choose the best process to suit individual items but this will be stated per item.

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