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Cuban Link Necklace

Fashion has always been a fickle game but there are certain trends that become main stays, denim jeans, Tee shirts and in the world of jewellery there is perhaps none more classic than the Miami Cuban Link Necklace.
An item that is not only synonymous with hip hop (Raekwon of the Wu Tang clans debut album name and I don't think DMX has ever been seen without one) but in all walks of life, The cuban link is the original and perhaps best when it comes to a mens statement chain.
It is once again gathering in mainstream popularity and is often being layered as a collar length (18") with a slightly longer length (22") for a heavy urban look. 
The Cuban chain look can be then a step further when paired with a cuban bracelet. Gold plated Cuban chains still carry the weight of solid pieces but without the hefty price tag, they perhaps carry such a heavy longstanding heavyweight statement because they are generally the most gold per inch of any chain especially when you get into the bigger sized links. 

Difference Between Cuban Link and Flat Curb Chain

One other difference between the Miami cuban and the flat curb chain other than tightness and thickness of links is that the cuban traditionally comes with a double lock clasp where as the flat curb will usually come with a lobster clasp.
Miami Cuban Link type necklace